Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does GTES do?

A. GTES employs apprentices and trainees and leases or hires them out to businesses. GTES is the legal employer of the apprentice or trainee. The business that leases the apprentice or trainee from GTES is known as a Host Employer. The apprentices and trainees are paid each week by GTES. GTES invoices the Host Employer for the cost of the apprentice or trainee plus a small management fee. This arrangement (called Group Training) has many benefits for both the apprentice or trainee and the Host Employer.

Q. I am a local business – why would I employ my apprentices/trainees through GTES instead of employing them directly?

A. There are many benefits for business in using GTES’ services to employ apprentices and/or trainees. They include;
  • Free, professional recruitment
  • Less administration
  • More support
  • Higher completion rates
  • Greater flexibility
  • WH&S support
  • No payroll, super, tax, Group Certificates
  • Reduced liability
  • Peace of mind
  • Less hassles!

Q. Is GTES an affordable option for my business?

A. Yes. If you calculate all the hidden costs of employing an apprentice or trainee (including your time and effort) and the experience and expertise that GTES staff bring to the recruitment and ongoing management process then you’ll find GTES delivers value for money. One regular invoice from GTES is a simple and hassle free solution. Yes, GTES does cost a little more than employing direct. If you install a new kitchen yourself of course it’s going to be cheaper than getting a tradesman in to do it. People tend to use the tradesman because they want it done right and even if they could do it themselves, it’s not worth their time. It’s no different to using GTES. The weekly payroll, the tax, super, pay slips, Award monitoring,  insurances, liabilities, TAFE fees, Group Certificates, etc. – you want it done right and even if you think you can do all that, can you spare the time?

Q. If I put on an apprentice/trainee through GTES do I still get the benefit of the government incentives?

A. Yes. GTES pass on commencement and completion incentives to our Host Employers in full. As the legal employer the government pays the incentive to GTES, we then present your business with a cheque so you don’t miss out on these important funds. After all, it is your business making the investment!

Q. I have just registered for an apprenticeship/traineeship on your website – what happens now?

A. When you register on the GTES website your details are entered into a database along with other prospective jobseekers. By registering you will be considered for future opportunities. You are not applying for a specific position. To apply for a specific position you must go to our list of current positions and click on 'Apply Now". Registering for future opportunities does not mean you will be automatically contacted for any positions that we have in your area(s) of interest. Being put forward is subject to the selection criteria for that particular position. If we do consider that your registration details deem you suitable for a position you will be contacted by a GTES staff member to organise an initial interview at our offices. This interview will be relatively short and will cover things such as why you are interested in that type of apprenticeship/traineeship, your work experience, your goals, your strengths/areas for improvement and pay rates. If you are the successful candidate you will be inducted with GTES and our client’s business.
If you don't hear from us for a while after you have registered it doesn't mean that we have forgotten about you! It may just be that no positions have become available in your area(s) of interest or that you have not met the selection criteria for a specific position (for example you don't have a driver's licence). In these circumstances we encourage you to contact the GTES office on 1300 881 279 and speak to a staff member to let us know that you are still keen or you may want to change your preferences to increase your chance of success!

Q. What industries does GTES service?

A. GTES is not confined to any particular industry; in fact we operate in just about all industries right now. We offer apprenticeships and traineeships in Administration, Building & Construction, Health Services, Transport & Logistics, Automotive, Telecommunications, Baking, Sport & Rec, Beauty, Sales, Child Care, Printing & Graphic Arts, IT, Hospitality, Commercial Cookery, Horticulture, Electrical, Engineering, Hairdressing, Jewellery, Civil Construction and many, many more.

Q. Why is it better for me/my son/my daughter to be employed by GTES during their apprenticeship or traineeship?

A. How many reasons would you like? For starters there is the guarantee of being paid correctly, including overtime payments. You are also guaranteed to receive all your entitlements including all forms of accrued leave and superannuation. You have increased job security as GTES holds your Training Contract (as your legal employer) and we make it a priority to place you with a new business if it doesn’t work out at your original placement. Then there is the extra support and encouragement that GTES provides to you. We make sure you are in a safe work environment, we help you sort out any issues that may arise with your supervisors or co-workers, we assist with any personal issues that are affecting your ability to perform on the job, we counsel/mentor/performance manage/mediate where necessary, we provide interest-free loans to help you buy tools and/or text books, we supply your PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), we nominate you for awards programs, we help you with the formal (theory) aspect of your training and we do it all with a smile. 

Q. What is the hourly charge rate made up of that GTES charges their Host Employers?

A. The hourly Charge Rate covers all costs relating to:
  • Recruitment/Payroll/Management
  • Hourly pay rate
  • Superannuation – 9.5%
  • Workers Compensation Insurance 
  • Annual leave – 4 weeks per year
  • Annual leave loading – 17.5%
  • All Public Holidays
  • Sick leave 
  • All required PPE and medical assessments
  • RTO/TAFE Fees

You are NOT invoiced when the apprentice/trainee is on leave. This includes the 4 weeks of annual leave, all public holidays & any sick leave. The apprentice/trainee is still paid for this time by GTES however you are not charged for this time.